State of the ALSternative 2016

Hi folks,

As many of you probably have already figured out by now, 3 Down Nation has decided to go into a different direction. That included showing a lot of talented writers the door, myself included.

While this is an unfortunate turn of events, I refuse to let this setback stop me from doing what I love; writing and giving the fans of the Montreal Alouettes a positive and objective voice on the World Wide Web.

So with that in mind, I am refocusing all my energy on! This will be the only site that you’ll find all of my writings on this great CFL franchise, no matter what course this ride may take. I’m more committed than ever to providing you all with some great content for 2016 and beyond!

So be sure to bookmark and keep an eye out for some new things coming down the pipeline; the new season doesn’t kick off until June, but there won’t be much of an off-season here. Free agency starts in less than two weeks, the 2016 schedule comes out shortly thereafter and then the CFL Combine and Draft will both offer up some new perspectives as teams get ready to compete for the 104th Grey Cup.

So you’re welcome along for the ride, as The ALSternative will resume providing some great coverage to you terrific fans in no time. As always, your support and patronage is truly appreciated.

So for the first time in 2016,



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