Alouettes lay a giant egg in Toronto, stumble back to 2nd place

The Montreal Alouettes lost 38-6 to the Toronto Argonauts this past Saturday. I’m going to put as much effort into this recap as the team did on the field.

You can thank Dominique Tovell for ensuring that the Als weren’t completely shut out, as he picked off Ricky Ray and took it back for a touchdown. Unfortunately, that was all the scoring the Alouettes could muster and for the Als fans that made the trip (including those who shelled out big bucks to be on the Fan Plane), that was the only true highlight.

Unless you like records being broken, then you can thank Nik Lewis for the other highlight. He passed Ben Cahoon on the all-time reception list and Thick Nik could be the CFL’s all-time reception leader before the summer is officially over.

Unfortunately, the rest of this game was a complete and utter disaster. The Alouettes were completely awful on every aspect of the field. I’ve never seen a team so poorly coached and I have seen some pretty bad games in my time.

Montreal is now back in second place in the Eastern division. If they keep turning in efforts like the one they did this past Saturday, the woefully bad Ottawa Redblacks could surpass them in the standings.


That’s all that you’re getting from me blog wise for this game. There’s more than enough people paid to talk about how awful this team seems to be. The purpose of this column is to be positive and objective. I can’t be positive about this game and where this team is going.

I’m not here to be a cheerleader or a hater, this team has enough of both those things. But if the Montreal Alouettes can’t be bothered to put forth a solid effort, then I don’t feel that I have to either.

It’s a short week and Montreal hosts a very good Winnipeg Blue Bombers team on Thursday. If the Alouettes want to maintain any sort of hope for their fanbase, they will do better that they did at BMO Field.

As they say, on to the next one.