The ALSternative — Women of the CFL Edition

DISCLOSURE: I was approached by this group to help share the word of a terrific grassroots initiative aimed at helping women in some of the league’s major cities. This space is provided in a voluntary manner in the interest of public service and no monetary exchange was made/requested.

You probably have seen them at your local football stadium a million times and never gave it much thought. After all, how could you miss the glitter-bedazzled football jerseys with “MRS. (Player name here) on the back? They are more than just fellow fans of your team; they are the backbone that allow the players on the field to live out their dream.

I’m talking about the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). These are the women who often go unnoticed amidst the cheerleaders and such. But they are the ones behind the scenes, doing the little things that need to be done so your favourite player(s) can concentrate on being great on the field.

Whether it’s keeping the household in order, ensuring health and wellness are a priority or just being that emotional support needed after a tough game, these unsung heroes are aware of the hardships that football can bring and they embrace it with open arms.

However, one particular group has decided that they no longer wish to remain in the shadows; they want to help make this world a better place for womankind and are pooling their resources together in order to do so. Please allow me to introduce you readers to the Women of the CFL.


Women of the CFL was created by Yodanna Johnson & Ashley Fulton, wives of former Alouettes Jovon Johnson and Xavier Fulton. As their husbands plied their trade in numerous stops across this great nation of ours, these ladies have joined them for the ride and have established roots in nearly every CFL stop, with each community welcoming them with open arms.

With that in mind, they have teamed up for a mission: to create a sisterhood, a community and a network that is dedicated to highlighting and empowering the wives & girlfriends of CFL players and coaches. The NFL has prided itself on the saying, “Football is Family“. Well, this group takes that to heart and beyond. They want to not only help enrich the cities their husbands/boyfriends play football in, but also grow and strengthen this entire CFL community nation-wide.

The Women of the CFL is a very active group online, establishing a Facebook page that showcases different WAGs in the Canadian Football League and what they are doing. Every Monday features a special Facebook Live session that group members can participate in and interact with other WAGs league-wide. Different wives take over the group’s Instagram account to show their game day experience and let fans behind the scenes as they prepare to watch their loved ones play this great game.


As this sisterhood grows on a daily basis, they know that there is always more to be done and so many ways to help others in need.

Starting this year, the Women of the CFL have organized an outreach event in 5 different CFL cities (Regina, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto) in order to help raise awareness and support. A local women’s shelter in each of the aforementioned cities will benefit greatly from the support of CFL fans nation-wide.

Alouettes Nation, your help is truly needed to make this event a success. If you are able to donate toiletries and other hygienic products for this great cause, please bring them to the tailgate area on the East side of the stadium:


The Women of the CFL are counting on your generosity to make this event a success. Both Kerri Washington (wife of OL Tony Washington) and Julie Bede (wife of K Boris Bede) will be on hand to accept donations, which will be in turn delivered to Chez Doris, a prominent shelter serving the women of Montreal in need.

If you are unable to make this event but still want to help out, please contact the Women of the CFL via their Facebook group ( or via their Instagram page ( It’s also a great way to see the human side of this league that we love so.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this important matter.

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